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Sai Sankarsh A. O.

Placement Success Stories of Mime College Students

30 March 2018

The placement training team at MIME is very efficient.

I am Sai Sankarsh A. O. pursuing my PGDM at MATS Institute of Management (MIME). I have recently been placed at KPMG as an Audit Associate. I had a good experience in my interview process, all thanks to MIME and the placement cell.

The first round of my interview at KPMG was the aptitude round. I managed to pass through it and went to the next round – Group Discussion, where our communication skills were tested. I was glad I got through that round too and landed at the HR round, where I was asked certain questions like:

  • 1. Tell me about yourself.
  • 2. Why did you choose Finance?
  • 3. Why did you choose KPMG and not any other company?
  • 4. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  • 5. What is your family background?

I was very nervous before the results, but was very relieved when I heard that I was short-listed and was selected by KPMG. MIME has guided and supported me in every stage of my course and in starting my career.

The placement cell at MIME is very efficient. The industry analysis and placement training was given by very experienced trainers. The aptitude sessions and industry analysis classes were scheduled every week along with our regular lectures.

They trained us to face the aptitude test through the methods of ‘10 seconds’. We were taught every section of aptitude in detail. For the Industry Analysis presentation, I was part of the group that presented about KPMG. During our preparation for the presentation, my team and I learnt a lot about the industry and the company through our research, which is one reason that helped me get placed at KPMG.

The placement training sessions involved from resume writing to group discussions to facing interviews. This boosted my confidence a lot. The best thing about the placement team at MIME is that they bring in reputed companies and give us an opportunity to work with the best companies in the field.

I would recommend PGDM aspirants to choose to study at MIME. It was a wonderful 2 years’ experience of studies to me. I suggest future students of MIME to be updated with current information and gather adequate knowledge about the profiles of various companies. It will really help them in their career.

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