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Top 5 Skills to learn in PGDM HRM & Marketing

13 February 2023

Irrespective of the type of industry, there is a department that works non-stop seamlessly throughout the year, none other than human resources. They liaise between employees, department heads, CEOs, and top management. They are responsible for the employee's life cycle, retention, and welfare. They are also responsible for making crucial hiring and firing decisions and safekeeping employee data and records.

On the other hand, marketing is a department that can take an organisation to the top ladder of success. It is about creating market demand and brand value for an organisation to sell its products and services better.

There is immense scope for individuals aiming to pursue their PGDM course in HRM (Human Resources Management) and Marketing. You can make a successful career out of this course and even aim for global opportunities in the field of HRM and marketing.

So, if you want to know the top skills you can learn with PGDM in HRM and marketing, continue reading this article until the end!

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

As an HR personnel, you will have to communicate with the existing employees and the potential employees, top management, and middle management. An HR has a warm and clear approach in their communication and knows how to deliver the information clearly to the employees and the management. So, in your PGDM course, you will master the art of verbal and written communication so well that you can express yourself better, conduct interviews confidently, deliver presentations, and resolve conflicts between the employees and between the employee(s) and the management.

Recruitment and Hiring

During your course, you will be exposed to industrial training activities to learn how decision-making is practiced across the organisation. This is a crucial skill required for hiring new employees, as a wrong decision can be costly and time-consuming. The candidates will also learn to be meticulous in choosing the right person for the right position.

Strategic Thinking and Planning Skills

When you do your specialisation in HRM, you obtain the ability to think strategically and implement the same to achieve your goals. You must understand, analyse and provide solutions to people's problems. The HR professional is detail-oriented and a meticulous planner. You will learn the skills to multi-task as you will take care of several other tasks and create great strategic plans as a leader.


A manager can never become a leader if he is not a team player. During your PGDM course in HRM and Marketing, you will be asked to make projects and assignments with your classmates and even attend internships or perform group presentations. This is where your teamwork skills are put to the test first. Even if you have personal differences with someone in your team, you must work unbiasedly to achieve a common goal. This skill will help you not just in your job life but will also help you building connections and improve your communication skills.

Leadership Skills

How does a management course help you? Of course, to be a manager. But, to be a manager, you must become a good leader. Through thorough training, you will learn the leadership skills crucial for thriving and succeeding in this competitive and challenging world. You will develop the leadership skills needed to achieve your professional goals when you learn to solve complex problems and deal with newer situations during your training or internship.

So, if you want to learn these skills, a PGDM in HRM and marketing will be the best option to drive your career toward professional growth and excellence.

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